Charity Groups

ASHA for Education


Asha for Education at UVa is one of the many chapters across the United States and India of ASHA. The mission of this organization is to catalyze socioeconomic change through the education of underprivileged children in India. Asha accomplishes this by fundraising throughout the year through several events such as Henna on the Lawn, Gandhi Benefit Dinner, and Kites on the Lawn. Education is a basic right and tool to empower people from all different backgrounds. In the past year, UVa Asha fundraised money to support a library and the building of a computer science lab in villages in India. Additionally, over 120 books were collected over the past year in the annual book drive. In the upcoming year we hope to increase our presence on Grounds and continue to give back to the community.
Barat Venkataramany or Divakaruni Chowdhary with questions!

Hera Initiative


Formerly known as Project RISHI, HERA Initiative (health education in rural areas) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the sustainable development and growth of rural communities. In partnership with local community members and non-profit organizations in the United States and in India, HERA Initiative identifies issues central to target communities and provides the resources to implement solutions through extensive field research and on-grounds initiatives. In the summer of 2015, we traveled to five villages to understand and determine the social and health-related issues in rural Pune (Maharashtra ) area. Starting Fall of 2016, we are implementing a women's health initiative in 5 rural high schools which will impact 250 schoolgirls across the district. We have potential projects involving women and children's health initiatives in the Mulshi district, and combined projects with major NGO's that involve women's health and safety issues.
Contact Megana Belagutti with questions!

Performing Groups


Founded in 1999, Ektaal ("one beat" in Hindi) is University of Virginia's only South Asian-American Fusion A Capella group. The group performs a variety of songs that fuse together elements of South Asian music and English pop tunes. Not only do we perform on grounds and around Charlottesville, but we also perform and compete at other venues in the country.
Shivani Nathan with questions!



Sharaara is the University of Virginia's premier, all-female, nationally competitive Bollywood fusion dance team! They combine different styles and genres of dance and music to create an energetic and lively routine showcasing a specific theme every year. Through their performances, they strive to bring awareness to South Asian culture at UVA and around the nation.
Avanti Godbole, Alyzeh Umerani, and Suchi Patel with questions!
Recent Performances (Click to view): 
Aag Ki Raat 2017 - 2nd Place
Nachte Raho 2016
South Asian Showdown 2015 - 3rd Place

UVA HooRaas

Team Picture.jpg

HooRaas is a traditional Indian folk dance team that started in 2008. We perform at intercollegiate competitions around the nation with a 6-minute, high-energy acrobatic routine that incorporates traditional Garba/Raas elements with a modern twist. HooRaas also has a long history of performing at community events at the University of Virginia and across Virginia. In the last four years, we have amassed more points in the raas circuit than any other team in the country! We are a competitive team, but we are dedicated to spreading awareness of our dance style to new people in the community.

Contact Arun Kanumuru or Vignesh Sastri with questions!

Recent Performances (Click to view):

Raas All-Stars X (2018)
Raas All-Stars IX (2017)
Raas All-Stars VII (2015)

Virginia Di Shaan at UVA


Virginia Di Shaan is a nationally competitive dance team, specialized in Bhangra. Bhangra is a form of Indian folk dance that originates from the state of Punjab. We compete all over the country and have traveled to Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Boston, Nashville, Toronto, and DC. Just last year, we participated in competitions in Virginia Beach, New York City, Binghampton, and Richmond, placing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2nd, respectively. In addition to participating in competitions, we perform at local events in order to spread our love for the dance and the culture. Our team performs annually at Bhangra Night, hosted by the Sikh Student Association, as well as other events hosted by the Indian Student Association, such as India Day, and as an exhibition act for other showcases, such as those thrown by various student organizations.
Naveen Ambati, Deebas Dhar, and Prajeeth Koyada with questions!
Recent Performances (Click to view):
Bhangra Fever 7 (2017) - 3rd Place
Nachde Nasville 2016 - 3rd Place
Bhangra Blowout 2015 - 2nd Place



Jazba is UVa's non-competitive Bollywood dance team! We are all about spreading the colorful culture of Bollywood throughout the Charlottesville community. Our team performs all around Charlottesville, with our largest performance at ISA’s annual India Day! You don't have to be a great dancer to join Jazba, you just need a love for music and dance, and the desire to experience new things.
Contact Disha Jain and Anjali Patel with questions!