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ISA Assassins!

Friendships will be shattered. Ambitions broken. Paranoia and uncertainty will be instilled in every survivor. This is Assassins.
Assassins is a game in which you will be assigned a target to "kill". To kill your target you must perform a certain task assigned for that week, like hitting them with a clean sock, hugging them, etc. Once you "kill them", they will be knocked out of the tournament and you will then be assigned to kill their target next. The last person standing wins. Sounds easy right? But wait, I forgot to mention... You're also someone else's prey.

Sign up by WEDNESDAY, MARCH 14TH AT 5PM and be on the lookout for target assignments and killing criteria because the game beings FRIDAY, MARCH 16TH at 8AM! You must be a dues-paying member of ISA to participate!!

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